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Purchase Books from Hereiamlive Books and the Author keeps most of the money. Other Publishing Companies are taking all the money for themselves. Buy from Hereiamlive Books and let the Author keep the money after all they are the ones with the talent that is entertaining you. ENTER


Publish your book without a dime coming out of your pocket. It's simple send us a copy of your manuscript, if we like it we will publish it for free. Don't worry even if we don't think it is worthy of totally free publishing we think you will agree our terms are the best out there. We will charge you a high percentage (like the other guys), but only on the first few hundred copies and then we take the small percentage and give you the high percentage.



Hereiamlive Media includes Software, Games, and other projects we are involved with. We will be adding new stuff to this area over the coming months so check back frequently.



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